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Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

Posted on 06-23-2017

If you have neck pain caused by whiplash, you may want to visit a chiropractor who can provide many nonsurgical treatment options for relief. Whiplash is an injury to the neck muscles from rapid f...

How Can Chiropractic help with Frozen Shoulder?

Posted on 06-12-2017

Although most people think chiropractic is just a treatment for sore backs, your chiropractor wants you to know that chiropractic can help a myriad of different conditions! In one such instance, a...

New Seminar: Healthcare Wellness Town Hall Q & A (Maryland)

Posted on 06-09-2017

Date: Thursday, June 22 at 7 :00 PM Location: Hyatt House Gaithersburg, 200 Skidmore Boulevard, Gaithersburg, MD 20877 Presenter: Dr. Tom Roselle, DC Seminar Title: "Healthca...

Bedwetting and Chiropractic

Posted on 05-27-2017

You've probably heard of chiropractors, but you may associate them with adults who have back problems or spinal issues. But recent studies have shown that chiropractic, the fastest-growing and...

New Seminar: Healthcare Wellness Town Hall Q&A

Posted on 05-19-2017

Date: Wednesday, May 24 at 7 :00 PM Location: Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park, 3111 Fairview Park Drive  Falls Church, VA 22042 Presenter: Dr. Tom Roselle, DC S...

Can Chiropractic Care Help With Sports Injuries?

Posted on 05-12-2017

There’s no doubt about it; sports are fun! Playing sports, whether professionally or just for recreation, can be a rewarding experience. It can also, however, bring about unexpected sports i...

How Can Chiropractic Help Females with their Painful Menstrual Cycle?

Posted on 04-28-2017

As your Kitchener Chiropractor, I continually see females of all ages come through our office with secondary complaints of a painful menstrual cycle. However, months later they are whispering in m...

Chiropractic for Chronic Ear Infections

Posted on 03-26-2017

Ear infections are the number one reason for child visits to chiropractors. More and more parents are beginning to look to chiropractors to complement their children’s health care....

How Can Chiropractic Help With Asthma?

Posted on 03-10-2017

For some people, chiropractic treatments for asthma may be the answer to providing a safe and natural remedy for their breathing problem. If you want a new addition to your treatment plan, this ca...

What is Nutritional Counseling?

Posted on 02-23-2017

Nutritional counseling is a relatively new area in the mental health care field, aiming to treat imbalances that lead to psychological problems through a therapeutic diet and supplements.  It...

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Thank you for facilitating Dr. Browning's lecture on Postural Analysis and Muscle Testing. We are very appreciative of having him here to share his knowledge and expertise.

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