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Health Is A Do-It-To-Yourself Program

The principles behind Ageless Health® are designed to provide a basic understanding of how the body functions in an optimal state of health. This manual will guide you toward the recognition that you have total and absolute control over anything that happens to you regarding your health and wellness.

A state of total wellness is a choice. It’s a do-it-to-yourself program. You have the capacity to change your health and your level of well-being – no matter what your age, status, or where you currently find yourself physically.

Table of Contents

This manual is a road map for you, your family, and your loved ones for achieving optimal levels of health, vitality, and wellness that are your birthright. Ageless Health® : Health Is A Do-It-To-Yourself Program.

  • Chapter 1: The Total Person Approach to Health
  • Chapter 2: Mental and Emotional Health
  • Chapter 3: Structural Health
  • Chapter 4: The Chemical Component
  • Chapter 5: The Five Factors Epilogue
  • So, What is Ageless Health®, Really?

Ageless Health®: Health Is A Do-It-To-Yourself Program is available at the Roselle Care iStore in paperback, audio CD Book and media combo bundle. Buy your copy today!

Amazon Book Reviews

"An engaging,exceptionally well-written book which informs you on the choices you have regarding your health. (There are more than you think!)
By looking at the human body from various perspectives, Dr. Tom Roselle challenges you to take action because "all is within your control."

"He empowers you to make improvements to your health (and your family's health!) by introducing advanced concepts in easy-to-understand language. The book is essentially jammed with information, but Dr. Tom somehow retains an entertaining style."

"He gives a clear overview of the Triad of Health: Structural, Chemical and Emotional, and how it is influenced by the 5 Factors: The Nervous System, The Vascular System, the Lymphatic System, the Cerebral Spinal Fluid Pump, and the Acupuncture System."

"You'll walk away feeling well-informed on the basics of chiropractic care, applied kinesiology, traditional chinese medicine, an alkaline diet, and much more. You'll refer to this book again and again."

"A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Tom Roselle, DC for giving us this information! Dr. George Goodheart would be well pleased!"
"I like Dr. Roselle's radio program a lot better than the book, but good for basic information. Good reference book."
"I like the title and I firmly believe that my health is my responsibility. I need to take an active role in pursuing good health."
"The only thing I do not like is the fact that I haven't been able to listen to Dr. Roselle's weekly broadcast. I heard his program when visiting in VA and liked him and his ideas immediately."
"Four stars! It has helped me!"


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