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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an effective tool when it comes to guiding the body onto the path of healing. It is used to improve strength, increase range of motion, and improve flexibility. During the healing process, your body goes through many stages. An effective treatment plan that includes physical therapy helps the body transition from the healing phase to the recovery phase. Understanding what happens during each of those phases is essential if you want to move forward with the healing process.


Healing After an Injury

During the healing phase, the body rests so that natural healing begins. While in the resting phase, some of the body's strength is lost. When the recovery phase begins, you will be rebuilding the damaged tissues and strengthening the tissues that surround the injured area. With physical therapy, you are providing the body with movements and exercises that are designed to build your strength and help you regain your resilience.

Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy

Chiropractic care and physical therapy go hand in hand. A chiropractor restores balance in the body by aligning the structural components. Once the body is in balance, physical therapy works to strengthen the body and improve blood flow to the injured areas. The stronger the body becomes, the more efficient it is in terms of circulation and movement. As you continue to become more active through more intense physical therapy, the body's healing processes are completed.

The Benefits of Sports Rehabilitation

When you are an athlete, physical therapy is tailored toward strengthening the body as well as incorporating exercises. It's important to maintain your strength as an athlete so that you are better able to resist injury. Sports rehabilitation allows you to focus on the exercises that are geared toward your position so you will be at full strength when you return to the field.

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