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KL CC, 5-Star Google+ Review

My journey to the Roselle Center started when I was seeking thermography during a perceived health crisis. Derreth was the answer to my prayers. She is so compassionate and truthful. I left my first appointment feeling equipped and empowered. I was so inflamed that she suggested I seek chiropractic care at the Roselle Center and she made 3 suggestions at the Roselle Center.

I intuitively selected Dr. Zhang and I am so glad that I did. Dr. Zhang is often smiling, he is so caring and his skillset as both a chiropractor and acupuncturist provides so much depth to my care. He listens, he always takes his time and our time together is collaborative. His skills naturally confirm and guide his plan of treatment. For example, I remember coming in feeling stressed and he confirmed the location and quality of the stress based on muscle testing and confirmed it with his knowledge of acupuncture and the meridians.

I am always happy to see Dr. Zhang because he does not provide "cookie cutter" treatments. He meets me where I am each time I have an appointment. I am 90% less inflamed within a few months of seeing Dr. Zhang consistently. A deep bow of gratitude to Derreth for empowering me, to Dr. Zhang for his healing presence and to Miss Tricia at the front desk for always greeting me with a smile during my early morning appointments ❤️

Lisa J., 5-Star Google+ Review

When I think of Dr. Zhang, the descriptive words that immediately come to mind are genuine laughter, profound expertise, joyful heart and abundant wisdom. This is the kind of doctor that I would want for anyone who wants to be seen and heard and to be treated with kindness and respect. I first met Dr. Zhang five months ago while in the midst of recovering from a car accident that occurred eight months prior. Suffering from significant whiplash, Western medicine was able to help me recover about 80% of the use of my head, neck, and shoulder areas, but I could not get any further and still with persistent headaches as a result of the accident. This perhaps would be satisfactory for someone to "get through" their day, but certainly not to live a full and meaningful life in the way that I was used to. After the initial evaluation, Dr. Zhang said without a doubt that he could help me as long as I could prioritize the time that he needed to support me on this healing journey, which I committed to doing so.

In addition to the plethora of Eastern medicine techniques that Dr. Zhang brings to the table, he also has an intuitive awareness of my concerns, some of which I may not even be fully aware of. However, because Dr. Zhang is so attuned to what the body is holding, it is obviously clear to him what treatment measures need to be taken moving forward.....and then he proceeds with ease and confidence.

I am grateful and happy to report that I continue to make significant strides and feel more like my younger self every day! There may be an occasional headache every now and then because healing is not always "linear"; it does go "sideways" from time to time. And when it does, I know that I am in excellent hands with Dr. Zhang in getting me back.

Without a doubt, I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Zhang!

Also, I would be remiss not to say how well-received I have been each and every time I have walked into the Roselle Center for Healing. Whether it is the friendly and personal staff at the front desk, the other fabulous practitioners and staff who happen to be in the hallway, or even Dr. Roselle, himself, who always makes a point to say "hello" even though I am not his patient; they all acknowledge and make me feel seen.

After all, isn't this what we all want and need as human beings?

Thank you, Roselle Center for Healing. You truly have made a difference in my life!

Larry M.,  Fairfax, VA

Hey Dr. Tom Roselle, Scott Lamp, and Dr. Jerry Cowart III,

Wow, your class on Disease, Dysfunction, and Pain was an absolute blast! You brought the excitement of the amusement park to life with your engaging explanations.

Your skills as good listeners and truthful communicators are like the guides who make sure everyone's enjoying the rides safely. You're not just doctors – you're the navigators of this exhilarating journey called health.

Your ability to turn complex medical concepts into relatable adventures is truly remarkable. It's like you're unlocking secret levels of knowledge and sharing them with us, making the whole health journey feel like an exciting game.

Your class left us all feeling empowered and ready to tackle any challenges that come our way. The way you blend science and empathy is like the perfect mix of thrills and heartwarming moments in a blockbuster movie.

Thank you for being the superheroes of health education, and for making us feel like we're on the coolest ride of our lives. Keep spreading the excitement and knowledge – you're making a real difference in the amusement park of our well-being!

Keep rocking,
Larry M.

Greg O., 5-Star Google+ Review

Dr. Lamp has a plethora of expertise to apply when I have health issues. I highly recommend his chiropractic services.

Amanda S., 5-Star Google+ Review

I went to the Roselle Center for Healing because I was having issues with tremors from my chronic illness. I was also dealing with high anxiety and lots of fatigue. After seeing Dr. Z I have been feeling so much better! I have less anxiety, my energy levels have increased, and I hardly tremor anymore and when I do, Dr. Z has taught me different tricks in order to get the tremors to stop on my own!

My boyfriend sees Dr. Z as well and he has come a long way since starting treatment. When he first started seeing Dr. Z he could hardly get out of bed and doing daily tasks was extremely difficult for him. Now, his energy levels have greatly improved and he is able to live more of a full life since he started seeing Dr. Z.

I highly recommend working with Dr. Z!

Sankuri J., 5-Star Google+ Review

Dr. Qinglong Zhang  is an excellent acupuncturist and chiropractor. He is very knowledgeable, explains things clearly and gives great health tips. I definitely recommend him! Thank you!

Angela F., 5-Star Google+ Review

I'm so pleased with my experience working with Dr. Zhang. His kind and caring approach combined with his deep knowledge and understanding of acupuncture and chiropractic techniques, have calmed my nervous system, improved my hormonal and metabolic functioning, and put me on the path to a full recovery from health issues I've been struggling with for almost 15 years. I highly recommend Dr. Zhang. He's the best!!!

Taylor H., 5-Star Google+ Review

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Harlan Browning for decades. For all his healing properties, we can't help but recommend him to everyone we meet.

From joints to bones to brains, Dr. Browning has helped us to navigate healthier habits and practices throughout our lives.

On top of this, the staff is always so warm and welcoming with every interaction, the process within each visit transparent, and the healing endless.

Bessie S., 5-Star Google+ Review

Dr. Zhang chiropractor/acupuncturist/Chinese medicine and more! He is a very personable, intelligent, observant and professional doctor.

The Roselle Healing center is just that.... a place where you come to get HEALED not have symptoms relieved with drugs that have more side effects than the good they do.

The whole staff is awesome, friendly and professional.

Roy N., 5-Star Google+ Review

Here is a review my wife, Darlene, wanted me to post: I've been seeing Dr. Lamp off and on for a little over three years now. He is nothing less than amazing! I have had several issues he's taken care of, but recently he fixed the hiatal hernia that was causing me extreme discomfort and burning in the upper part of my stomach after every meal. He gently pulled my stomach down and away from my esophagus, aligning things the way they should be (a hiatal hernia is when part of your stomach pokes up through your esophagus -- not a good thing to have). I feel great now and can eat basically anything I want without heartburn or discomfort (and no antacids, thank goodness).

From the first day I met Dr. Lamp, I've always thought of him as a genius . . . he's extremely knowledgeable (so much knowledge, it's a wonder his head doesn't explode), very personable, and caring. I'm so glad I found The Roselle Center for Healing and, especially, Dr. Lamp!!

All of the staff - including office staff - are skilled, compassionate, and helpful. I highly recommend the Roselle Center for those seeking healing and growth in wellness.

Sophia D., 5-Star Google+ Review

I am extremely grateful to be under the care of Dr.Lamp and Sue Roselle! Dr.Lamp has helped me immensely in recovering from a multitude of injuries, from which I am steadily getting back on my feet, and him and Sue have guided me through a methylation process & nutrition regimen that has drastically improved my once debilitating menstrual cycle and low energy / fatigue.

In just a few months of their care, I now experience close to no menstrual discomfort and my energy levels are steady thanks to their guidance regarding a diet that works best for my particular needs. I have had negative experiences with other doctors in the past and am extremely grateful to receive very holistic, non-pharmaceutical help from them. They are extremely knowledgeable in addition to being very caring and compassionate as I share my journey with them.

I feel very taken care of and loved in this place. The staff are all very friendly as well, it is a joy to be in the Roselle Center altogether. Blessed to have found this place!

JB G., 5-Star Google+ Review

Dr. Lamp is the best Dr I have ever had. He has tremendous knowledge and cares so much for his patients. So fortunate to have found him and to gain health for me and my family.

Also, Dr. Zhang is a very talented acupuncturist- I believe in the ability of acupuncture to do wonders to the body's healing.

Jean B., 5-Star Google+ Review

Dr. Lamp is awesome! He addresses my issues, brings a lot of passion to what he does and is an encyclopedia of information. I think everyone would do well to see him but hope they don't so I can continue to get on his schedule.

Dr. Zhang is a very talented acupuncturist who helped me overcome health challenges -- highly recommended!

Layla R., 5-Star Google+ Review

I cannot say enough good things about this place. It’s a beautiful and peaceful office as soon as you walk through the door.

Dr. Pina was so informative and explained things so thoroughly. I was happy to come back for multiple acupuncture sessions. They were relaxing and everyone was so kind. She was so nice...I love this center!



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