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Knee Pain

At the Roselle Center For Healing, we are ready to help the residents of Fairfax, VA, with their injuries, including knee or leg pain. The pain can stem from a personal injury. We offer different ways to help you recover from these injuries, including chiropractic care. We take an integrative health approach, offering chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises, and more.


What Kind of Knee Pain Do You Treat?

We can see patients who have a variety of reasons why their knees hurt. They can range from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis to meniscal injuries and patellar tendonitis. We can also help if your knee was injured in a bad accident. A chiropractor on our team can help you to know exactly what is going on with your knee and what we can do to fix it.

We can do chiropractic adjustments to make your knee feel better. We can also provide corrective exercises and lifestyle advice to help you heal.

The Process

The first thing we will do is have you come in for a consultation. We will discuss what happened to you and might order diagnostic imaging. We can form a customized plan of treatment to help youl be able to walk pain-free in the near future. The more information that you can give initially, the more thorough we can be in ensuring that our plan is perfect for helping you recover from your knee pain.

We can get a lot accomplished at our office but real progress is made at home. We can give you some exercises or stretches to do to help you continue making headway on your journey of recovery. If you just come see us and don't do anything else, then you might have to wait a lot longer. B

Get Chiropractic Integrated Health Care from a Chiropractor for a Personal Injury, Sports Rehabilitation, and Leg Pain

Come see us at the Roselle Center For Healing in Fairfax, VA. You can contact us to make an appointment to see a chiropractor. Call us at (703) 698-7117 to get chiropractic integrated health care from a chiropractor for a personal injury, sports rehabilitation, and leg pain.


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